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Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma

Having trouble deciding which way to go — a career in Travel Tourism or become a Flight Attendant? Your worries stop here. Our innovative versatile Travel, Tourism Management and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma Program offers you the best of both worlds.

Travel the world for free and wake up to a new city everyday. Or work in the airport, in a travel agency, car rental, bus or rail company. Work for an airline or a tour operator. Work part time or full time, regular hours or shift work. Work locally or anywhere around the world. Your choices are endless.

Successful Graduates of Eton’s Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma Program enter the professional world with confidence, armed with knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Aviation Terminology and Aircraft Specifics
  • Safety and Security Management
  • Emergency and Evacuation Procedures
  • In-flight Customer and Meal Service
  • Professional Development
  • Passenger Interaction Skills
  • Handling of Special Attention Passengers
  • Onboard Public Announcements
  • Aviation First Aid
  • Tourism Geography
  • Package Tour Planning
  • Cross-Cultural
  • Tourism Destination Marketing
  • Ethics and Sustainable Tourism
  • Sports and Recreation Management
  • Fares and Ticketing
  • Global Distribution System (GDS) Training
  • And More!


Graduates from this program may find work with travel agencies, airlines, airports, car rental companies, rail companies, tourist information centres, tour companies, trade show planners, etc.

If you’re interested in learning more about working in Travel and Tourism and exploring whether a career as a Flight Attendant is for you, fill out the form to contact Eton College. A friendly and knowledgeable Eton College Admissions Officer will be happy to help you with everything from career exploration to financial aid questions.

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