3 Awesome Instagram Accounts Students in Tourism Courses Can Follow

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Got a passion for travel? You’ll find a lot to love on Instagram! Thousands of photographers and travel and tourism companies use the social media platform to share gorgeous photos from around the world, showcasing amazing places and incredible attractions that are sure to fill you with wanderlust.

Tourism careers can help you experience new things, and even let you head to exciting new places. By following a few choice Instagram accounts, you can get a little inspiration for what exactly you’d like to do after graduation.

Here are 3 awesome accounts you can follow.

Follow Southwest Airlines While You Study Tourism to Keep Your Head in the Clouds

If you’re a ‘people person’, you’ll like what Southwest Airlines (@southwestair) shares on its Instagram page. Among other things, you can see touching stories from passengers’ trips, and unique promotional events, like in-terminal poetry performances. There are also many posts of happy flight attendants doing things like serving drinks, taking selfies with other crew members, and even interacting with passengers, or sharing why they love their job.

This account does a great job of showing off a couple of the key reasons why travel and tourism careers, including being a flight attendant, are so rewarding: you get to meet lots of people and have fun on the job. Want in? Completing a tourism course will teach you valuable skills that can help you work in this kind of environment—like how to perform first aid when up in the air, or how to effectively execute beverage services—and allow you to excel in a fun career traveling around the world.

Meeting a lot of new people makes flight attendant careers rewarding

Want To See What The World Has To Offer? Let Jetsetter Lee Abbamonte Inspire You

Looking to see the world? Lee Abamonte (@leeabbamonte) has an Instagram account worth following. He’s a professional travel expert, and the youngest American to have visited every country in the world.

Check out his page for glimpses of all kinds of cool places. There’s a picture of the gorgeous lobby at the 7-star Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, a beachside snap from a Mexican resort, and other envy-inducing shots from beaches, spas, and resorts all over the planet. He’s a globetrotter in the truest sense of the word.

Lee Abbamonte’s adventures have taken him all over the world

If you want to enjoy a few world adventures of your own, tourism school is a great way to put yourself on that path! You can learn to do restaurant and food service, hotel management, hospitality human resources, and more. These skills are transferrable, so they open up doors to all sorts of travel and tourism careers. Work as a crewmember on a cruise ship in the Maldives, manage a hotel in the Canadian north, or take on any number of other jobs in resorts, inns, and other tourism businesses around the world. With the right training, you’ll be well prepared to succeed in all types of tourism work in many places.

Interested In Outdoorsy Tourism Careers? Check Out Vancity Wild

Tourism careers don’t only involve cushy hotels or resorts—there are all kinds of opportunities available. If your idea of a good time involves enjoying nature, take a look at the @vancitywild Instagram account to get a few ideas of outdoorsy places you might like to work.

Run by “Brie + Reuben,” the account mostly shares photos from outdoor destinations around Vancouver—places like Lynn Canyon Park, Mount Seymour, and other gorgeous locales. Showing off dozens of quiet moments out in the Vancouver wilderness, their photography can be great inspiration for fans of nature to get out and explore.

A photo posted by VancityWild (@vancitywild) on

Vancitywild shows off some of the gorgeous nature tourism locations around Vancouver

There are all kinds of tourism careers in Vancouver that fit in the outdoorsy niche, with opportunities at Zipline companies, companies that offer guided hikes, and many more. If you want to stick around Vancouver after graduation and help tourists have a great time out in nature, you’ll find there are many fun options available to you to do so.

Whatever reason you’re drawn to tourism careers—be it the chance to work with people, see amazing places, or get out in nature and explore—you can find some great Instagram accounts to keep you inspired. Check them out today!

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