3 Customer Service Tips to Remember After Becoming a Flight Attendant

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Flight attendant careers open up a world of travel possibilities. Not only do you get to fly to new places and explore new cities, but you also get to meet exciting people from around the world. While a flight attendant’s main duty is to provide a safe and secure flying experience, flight attendants also need to have strong customer service skills in order to keep passengers happy and uphold the reputation of the airline.

If you’re considering a career as a flight attendant, read on to discover three customer service tips that’ll help you create a positive and memorable experience for your passengers.

1. After Becoming a Flight Attendant, Remember Some Passengers May Be Unfamiliar with Flying

After all the experience you gain in airline safety and security training, it can be easy to forget that not every flyer is familiar with the nuances of flying. For example, some passengers might not know (or might not remember) that they need to raise the backs of their seats and lower their armrests for takeoff, stay seated when the plane is experiencing turbulence, stow carry-on baggage in overhead compartments, and follow other important safety regulations. Some passengers might even think that these important safety regulations are optional, and that they can get away without following them. That’s why it’s important to stay patient when explaining safety regulations to passengers.

By staying patient and friendly when explaining safety regulations, you’ll help create a more positive guest experience. In addition, they might be more likely to remember for next time why they should follow all cabin crew instructions closely!

airline safety and security training

Make sure to provide extra help to passengers who may be unfamiliar with flying

2. Help Customers Feel Comfortable During Unexpected Delays

Sooner rather than later during your career, you’ll become familiar with the challenges of managing an impatient cabin full of flyers during a delay on the airport apron, runway, or tarmac. After a long day flying multiple routes, it’s understandable that you may feel the effects of being delayed as well, but top flight attendants know how to push through and provide excellent customer service in any circumstance!

Whatever the reason may be for the delay, it’s your job to keep passengers safe and keep the atmosphere on the plane positive. By providing water, snacks, and making sure that passengers receive regular updates, you can help keep your passengers happy until takeoff after becoming a flight attendant.

3. After Becoming a Flight Attendant, Be Respectful of the Reason for a Passenger’s Trip

As a flight attendant, it’s important to remember that not every single passenger on your plane may be flying for a vacation. Because of this, it’s best to be sensitive to the many reasons a passenger may be flying, whether it’s for a vacation, business, or to see an ill family member or attend the funeral of a loved one. While you should always stay positive and provide service with a smile, it’s best to air on the side of caution and not assume all your passengers are going on vacation. If you notice that a passenger looks upset, a reassuring smile and extra cup of tea can go a long way to making their flight a good experience.

becoming a flight attendant

Remember that not all flyers are going on vacation

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