3 Tourism Trends to Watch While Training At Hospitality Management College

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Shifts in the tourism industry mean there’s always exciting changes on the horizon for tourism and travel professionals. Current trends suggest that there are some interesting developments underway, with changes to the demographic makeup of travellers, and also to the kinds of activities that tourists want to participate in. If you aspire to work in the tourism and hospitality industry, you may want to pay attention to these trends—they might offer a good indication of what you can expect the industry to look like when you begin your career.

Here are some of the interesting trends ongoing in the tourism industry.

Students at Hospitality Management College Will See A Lot of Millennials Passing Through

Millennials are the largest generation overall, and according to The Huffington Post, they are quickly becoming the biggest spenders in the tourism industry. They don’t want slick, pre-made travel packages, though. Rather, they want authentic local experiences that they can choose for themselves. For instance, camelback tours in the Sahara and staying in a rustic lodge in the Canadian Rockies are just a few of the experiences that allow Millennials to enjoy the local culture of the places they visit.

With demand increasing for these sorts of businesses, opportunities for interesting careers around the world are presenting themselves—and training at a good hospitality management college is your ticket to those adventures! Your training will provide you with a firm grasp of hospitality management, front office operations, and other important skills that you can apply to all kinds of interesting, authentic tourism businesses. Work at a chic hotel in Australia, a genuine Nordic spa in Norway, or anywhere else that interests you! If it feels authentic, Millennials will probably flock to it, and you’ll be able to reap some of the rewards.

Attn. Students at Hospitality Management College: Food Tourism Is On The Rise!

Food tourism—the pursuit and exploration of the local cuisine of a place—is a trend that’s grown in popularity among tourists around the world. Examples of food tourism activities include travelling to a hotel to enjoy its fabulous restaurant, staying in cozy little cabins to enjoy some authentic local home-style cooking, and any other tourist activity where food is a focal point.

This trend is leading to many opportunities for hospitality careers in resorts, bed and breakfasts, and other kinds of businesses. Completing hospitality training will give you the management and decision making skills you need to help run this kind of establishment, but, just as important, it will teach you to market them, and set them apart from the growing crowd. What makes the place uniquely interesting for travellers interested in food? Is the kitchen run by a celebrity chef? Can visitors get a genuine local culinary experience that they won’t find elsewhere? You’ll know how to share the most special aspects of your workplace’s cuisine, entice food tourists to visit, and enjoy a long, lucrative career in the tourism industry.

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Your program can help you entice foodies to visit your establishment

Tourism Businesses Are Introducing Technology to Improve Guest Experience

Many resorts, hotels, and other tourism businesses around the world are investing in various forms of technology to make their customers comfortable. For example, because many people use their smartphones extensively, some hotel brands—including Hilton, Aloft, Marriott, and more—are enabling guests to check in, access their rooms, or engage in on-site transactions using their phones. Other companies, like the Hyatt, and Fairmont, provide a variety of streaming video options, high speed internet, and other technological conveniences. There are many ways that technology can be introduced to help tourists enjoy a high level of comfort.

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Professionals in hospitality management can improve guest experience by investing in technology

By studying hospitality management, you’ll learn to effectively manage and design tourism facilities. When making improvements to a facility, consider using new technology to make your establishment more convenient for tech-minded guests! Use technology to make it easier for guests to be comfortable, interact with your business, and engage in more transactions. Identify recurring issues, and find ways to solve them by investing in better internet, new online services, and other technologies. The right tech investments can help you address these concerns, and could help you make a dramatic improvement to the experience of visiting, tech-minded tourists.

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