4 Reasons Powell River is the Perfect Place to Attend Tourism College

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Looking for the best place to pursue tourism training? It’s hard to top Powell River! Located in British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast region, it’s a great destination for exciting excursions into nature, and is home to some of the most beautiful views you’ll ever encounter. It’s also the base for one of the best, most complete tourism programs around: the dual credential tourism program offered by Eton College and Vancouver Island University. Overall, a great place to live and learn as you progress toward a career in travel and tourism!

Want to learn some of the best parts of studying in Powell River? Here are a few reasons to get excited.

Attn. Outdoorsy Students in Tourism Courses: Powell River’s Got You Covered!

Few places do nature as well as BC, and few places in BC do nature as well as Powell River. If you’re excited by the idea of getting outside to explore during your off time, it’s the place to be.

Check out the many hiking trails in the area, or take advantage of one of the local kayaking or cold water diving businesses to have a little fun on the water. Our travel and tourism program gives you plenty of time to partake in leisure activities, so there’s no reason not to get out there and adventure!

tourism college in Powell River

Powell River offers tons of opportunities to get out and explore

There are Tons of Practicum Opportunities around Powell River

After completing your tourism courses, you’ll get to add real-world travel and tourism experience to your resume by doing the practicum portion of the program—and Powell River has plenty of options for where you can do it.

Put your restaurant and food service chops to good use at one of the hotels and restaurants in the area, or show off your customer service skills by interning at a nearby park or canoe tour company. Whatever your interests in the travel and tourism biz, you can find something relevant in the Powell River area.

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Build your resume during your Practicum in Powell River

The People in Powell River Are Friendly and Helpful

Nobody likes to feel like an outsider, and in Powell River, odds are that you won’t. Powell River is home to friendly, helpful people, and the town’s isolation and small size mean that there’s a great sense of community among those who live there. Newcomers can expect a warm welcome when they arrive.

You can expect a similar kind of community at school, too. Small class sizes, personal attention from instructors, and the family-like atmosphere all make for a great, supportive environment. You’ll really feel like you belong.

tourism college in Powell River

Powell River is full of friendly people who will welcome you to the town

Students in Tourism Courses Love Powell River’s Low Cost of Living

City life can be exciting, but it’s also expensive. On average, you can expect to pay between $1,200 and $1,600 per month for a one bedroom apartment in Vancouver. Powell River’s average? Just $700 to $1,100. If you’re budget-conscious, taking advantage of the low cost of apartment rental in Powell River is a great way to keep your accounts stable while you study toward your diploma in tourism.

Want something a little different? Consider a homestay! With a homestay, you live with a local family, and typically enjoy family meals, access to laundry machines, and other home amenities. This option is also typically affordable, and is a great way to get the authentic Powell River experience. If this option appeals to you, you can contact Eton College for help setting a homestay up.

So many people who visit Powell River fall in love with the nature and the people, and students will also love the affordability and career-building potential in the area. If you’re searching for a good travel and tourism program, look no further. This is the place to go.

Convinced that tourism college in Powell River is right for you?

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