5 Advantages of Studying Abroad for International Students

A quick Google search reveals that “Studying Abroad” is not a buzz word; it is reality for hundreds of thousands of students all over the world. The same search also exposes the myths and misconceptions of an education outside one’s country. Furthermore, such a search indicates that although many students want to study abroad, perhaps it is the parents who see the benefits and initiate the process.

Walking through the hallways of Eton College I hear international students talk about what they like best about an international education experience:

    1. Learn English
    2. Status on Resume
    3. Acquiring in-depth knowledge of universal best business practices
    4. Savouring local cuisine
    5. Celebrating cultural events and traditions (i.e. Halloween, Christmas)

Students also talk about some challenges: being homesick and academic expectations. Most countries and educational institutions have therefore implemented support and practical websites to help international students cope with challenges.

All in all, studying abroad is an incredible opportunity and a benefit for students, for countries, and for locals who also enrich their lives through having international students within their communities.