5 Facts About Global Tourism


Are you interested in pursuing a career in travel and tourism? Now, more than ever, is the best time to get into the industry as it enjoys rapid, unprecedented growth and has a great talent and skilled worker demand. But first, here are a few fun facts about the global tourism industry.


Global tourism is the largest industry in the world


In 2018, the tourism industry contributed to $8.8 trillion of the world’s economy and made up over 10 percent of the world’s economic activity. Tourism doesn’t just cover airlines and tourist attractions, though. It also includes hotels and accommodations, restaurants, transportation, and other small businesses. It’s an industry that directly affects all other sectors.


The world’s top tourist destinations are France, Spain, USA, China, and Italy


On the list of most visited countries, you have France leading with 86.9 million visitors a year. Following the tourist hotspot is Spain with 81.8 million, the United States with 75.9 million, China with 60.7 million, and Italy with 58.3 million. Among those travelers, Europeans account for almost half, followed by those from Asia and the Pacific.


1 in 10 jobs are in the tourism industry

The tourism industry makes up one in 10 jobs in the world and has generated 319 million jobs as of 2018. This number continues to grow by over three percent each year. The industry continues to thrive despite economic challenges in some countries.


Travel and tourism create 7 million new jobs each year.


One in five new jobs in the world are in the tourism industry, and this makes it the second fastest-growing industry, surpassing both the information technology and healthcare industries. 


Exports from international tourism are worth $1.7 trillion.


Global tourism is part of the top five economic sectors in the world, and it makes up 29% of all global service exports. 


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