5 Reasons to Study Tourism



Tourism has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and keeps many economies on the upswing, serving as one of their most important growth drivers. It generates over $7 trillion every year with roughly 7 million jobs worldwide. Success and the glamour of travel are usually associated with the industry, accounting for its popularity and appeal among young people and seasoned professionals like.


If you’re considering choosing this path, here are five reasons to study and explore a career in tourism:


Learn about different cultures

Tourism is a global industry, so your studies will also involve learning about different countries and their people. This will help you better interact with customers, who are likely to come from all parts of the world, and it can also help you adapt in case you decide to work abroad.


Chance to travel 

If you dream about exploring the world, a tourism degree can give you that valuable opportunity. Some institutions require tourism and hospitality management students to study or train abroad for a semester or more to gain practical experience. It’s also a great stepping stone for exploring work opportunities in other countries.


Meet people from around the world

Tourism and hospitality courses tend to attract a lot of international students, hence being part of a diverse campus or community of learners. This diversity and exposure to other cultures widen your worldview. 


Diverse career opportunities

Careers in this industry are all about being out in the field, not just working behind a desk. Tourism is a broad field that has numerous job roles to offer in a handful of settings, from hotels and restaurants to amusement centers to wildlife parks. You can end up working in a luxury resort, lush nature nature preserves, exciting recreational parks, and many more surprising destinations.


Use your creativity

This industry is highly people-oriented, and you always need to think of unique and creative ways to deliver excellent service. What keeps people happy with your product or service now might no longer work a year from now, so you need to keep adapting, innovating, and having a play with new ways to attract and retain customers.


When looking for the best tourism management program for you, you need to find one that gives you hands-on training, career-driven curriculum, and work experience. Our travel and tourism management programs offer all these and more in a diverse campus in the heart of Vancouver, Canada.