7 Reasons to Get a Career in the Hospitality Industry

hospitality industry


Are you looking for a job where you’re not stuck in an office cubicle all day? A career in the hospitality industry is one worth exploring. You might be thinking it’s too much work to work at the reception desk or be a frontliner in a busy establishment, but this industry is so much more than that! Being in hospitality and tourism can also mean being a professional wine taster and handling events on a cruise ship. 

There is guaranteed work

Hospitality is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries, with one in every 10 jobs being to tourism and hospitality. In fact, it’s growing so fast that there aren’t enough skilled workers to fill all the job vacancies. If you have enough skills and training, there could be work already waiting for you after school.


There are endless job opportunities

Hospitality is actually a vast industry ranging from hotel management and entertainment to cruise ships and aviation. You have unlimited choices to choose from, and transitioning from each segment can be seamless and easy. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports there are over one million open positions in the United States alone. Taste wine for a living as a sommelier or make big money as a casino manager – the sky’s the limit. 

Finding work abroad is no problem

No matter what country in the world you’re in, there’s always going to be a job in the hospitality industry. The skills you learn here are universal and transferable, so you can find work in the US, Canada, or in Europe with far less challenge than if you weren’t skilled and prepared.


Always fun and exciting

No two work days are ever really the same! In hindsight, you still have to do routine checks and perform standard tasks, but the people you meet and the things going on are hardly the same. Some days, you might even be part of a big international event or a grand celebration happening.


You literally work in a vacation spot

Some could only dream of going onboard a cruise ship of visiting a luxury resort, and actually get paid to be there every day! Most of these jobs are also located in top tourist destinations, so you can have a beautiful landscape or inspiring nature as your workplace.



Great pay and benefits

A hotel manager in Canada can earn up to $73,000 a year, and entry-level positions start at $27,000. That doesn’t include yet any bonuses you get for meeting certain marketing goals. Manager jobs in airports can reach as high as $90,000 a year as well. There’s really no shortage of perks and privileges when you’re in the hospitality industry.


Potential growth and stability

One of the best things about the hospitality industry is the career advancement. If you work hard and equip yourself with the right skills, you can easily advance into higher and better paid positions. Also, it’s an industry that’s expected to remain stable in the coming years. A career here is one that you’ll have for years to come.


All this starts with the right education that can give you a competitive advantage among the thousands of applicants. Your journey to a fun and profitable career starts at Eton College – check out our Hospitality Management programs to find your perfect match.