Admissions Team at Eton College

We are pleased to introduce our Admissions team at Eton College: they are your knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive enrolment group. Admissions team at Eton College will guide you through a smooth admissions process by providing information, answering your questions, and ensuring all your documents are complete.

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Jetty Kurniawan
Jetty KurniawanFinancial Aid Officer
Born and raised in Indonesia, Jetty completed her education in the United States as an international student and then moved to Canada. She is a warm and friendly Financial Aid Officer who is happy to assist students with applications for student loans and tuition payment arrangements. Jetty is passionate about helping students succeed in their education goals without feeling the burden of financial obligations as they complete their studies.
    Theresa Mura
    Theresa MuraAdmissions Manager
    Originally from Chicago, Theresa now calls Vancouver home, where she manages the local and international Admissions Team at Eton College. Theresa has enjoyed a multi-faceted work history throughout her travels and from living in Japan for 12 years as an artist and entrepreneur. She has over 20 years of experience in international sales, recruiting, marketing, hospitality, art, design and curating, as well as a variety of event, sponsorship and community outreach knowledge. Theresa enjoys interacting with the students and encouraging them to give back to the community by volunteering for local events.
      Marilyn Ramos
      Marilyn RamosAdmissions Officer
      Originally from Mexico, Marilyn has lived and studied in many places. Marilyn took Communications and Marketing in Mexico and Australia before coming to Canada to study Hospitality Management. Her passion is learning new languages and learning about other cultures. Marilyn also thrives on helping and supporting other people, especially when it comes to reaching their goals. With her background in the hotel industry, Marilyn has the inside knowledge and expertise to assist learners onto the path of success.
        Kaori Schedel
        Kaori SchedelAssistant Registrar; International Recruitment
        Before becoming an International Recruitment Officer at Eton College, Kaori worked as a Marketing Manager and Counselor at a Japanese school agency in Vancouver for several years. She continues to grow her passion for Japanese international education and she enjoys helping international students to gain foreign experience and helps them with educational transitions in Canada.