Accomodations for Eton College Students

Part of the student experience is living in the modern city of Vancouver and gaining easy access to a wide range of student services and recreational activities. Eton College helps students find accommodation near the campus through closely partnering with a search hub called Off-Campus Housing 101.

About Off-Campus Housing 101

OCH is an online property rental listing service for students to find safe and suitable housing. Landlords are able to easily update details on their property, so students can have a complete and informative source.

From single bedroom units to fully furnished houses, you can find any type of housing here that suits your needs. All properties listed are monitored and checked by their staff.

At OCH, you can:

  • Browse through available accomodations in the area
  • Compare prices between different locations
  • Find roommates near the area
  • Contact landlords to inquire about property rentals

Solving your student housing woes and landing a cozy room or apartment is now easier than ever. Click on the image below to get started today!