Before Enrollment

Admission Policy:


Eton College admits qualified students without discrimination with regard to race, colour, creed, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual preference, age, religion or physical disability.


Applicants must meet program prerequisites and have sufficient financial support for his/her study in Canada.


Procedure for Admission:


All applicants wishing to enroll in an Eton College program of study must participate in the following comprehensive admissions procedure before they can be accepted into any of the programs of study:

Interview (face-to-face, or by telephone) with an Admissions Officer to confirm suitability of program and discuss career and employment opportunities and challenges. An assessment of your motivation, needs and expectations will be conducted.


1. Provide evidence of English Proficiency – see Admission Requirements below for details


2. Meet with the Senior Educational Administrator to approve Admission


Admission Requirements:


Admission Requirements for Career and Academic Programs at Eton College:


1. General Admission Requirements:


  • Completed BC Secondary school graduation (or equivalent in another school system)    OR
  • 19 years of age or older – must successfully complete Eton College Placement Assessment
  • Medical insurance coverage
  • Flight Attendant Preparation Program requires Flight Attendant Preparation Entrance Agreement


2. Demonstrate English Proficiency with one of the following:


  • BC High School English 12 – minimum C (60-66%)
  • BC High School Communications 12 – minimum C+ (67-72%)
  • TOEFL PBT score 500, or CBT 173, or iBT 61
  • IELTS – minimum overall band test score 6




1. Eton College Placement Assessment will be required if candidate does not meet minimum English Proficiency requirements as above.


2. Applicants must meet all minimum admissions requirements to be considered for admission to Eton College; the minimum admissions requirements cannot be waived by Eton College or by the applicant under any circumstance.


Prior Learning Assessment (P.L.A.):


Acceptance of prior learning through education and experience may be considered by the Principal of Eton College.  Acceptance is based on the following criteria:


  • Evidence of prior learning/experience is provided in hard copy from the previous institution/work place
  • Prior learning must have been obtained from a legitimate and verifiable domestic or international educational institution
  • Twenty-five (25) hours of related work experience is required to obtain one (1) course credit
  • Previous learning/experience is directly related to the program course curriculum
  • Prior Learning Assessment will not exceed 30% of the total program credits
  • A fee of $200 for the evaluation of prior learning will be levied
  • A charge of $100 per approved credit will be assessed


After Admission


For a detailed account of all applicable policies and procedures for enrolled students, please refer to the student handbook. These procedures and policies  will also be discussed with prospective students during the admissions process.