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Public vs Private Education: The answer is “value for you” in education

Choosing the right college or university for your career goals needs to be a carefully thought-out process. One of the biggest factors to consider will be the cost of your education. Education is a serious investment; an investment to ensure success in your future career. In other words you need to consider Return on Investment…

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Be an informed student

As the rocker Alice Cooper sang “Schools Out”! Nothing but the summer ahead. Are you one of those students where high school is over forever? Congratulations! You made it through all those years of books and writing and now you’re ready for the world. So what does the future hold for you? What are your…

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From Vancouver to Hawai’i with Eton College!

We are pleased to announce that Eton College Canada and Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu (HPU), Hawaii, now have an articulation agreement in place! Eton College students who have completed the Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management Diploma program will be provided with an unconditional two year transfer into the HPU BSBA (Bachelor of Science…

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You are better than good enough

This post comes from Sue Murthi, our wonderful Student Services Coordinator at Eton College. As part of her job, Sue works one-on-one with students as a counselor, and her insights into the student experience at Eton College have been invaluable for shaping our programs and services to meet the needs of our students. Here she…

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Can we make Eton College greener?

This coming Sunday, April 22nd, happens to be the Earth day, the most celebrated environmental event worldwide. Here at Eton College we are big on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, so we are always looking to reduce our environmental footprint. Here is a summary of what we are doing for our part: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:…

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How to choose a college

Choosing a college will be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. The right choice will help pave the way to a successful and fulfilling career. The wrong choice and you can waste a lot of time and money trying to rectify it. There are many factors you should look…

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April 26th, Jeans Day!

When the date is April 26, Make sure you are wearing jeans. “But why?” you might be thinking; Just do it for the kids. The 26th is the annual Jeans Day, a day of wearing jeans and raising funds for the BC Children’s Hospital, of which Eton College has been a participant for about seven…

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Free Career Info Session on April 18th, 5pm!

We are holding a free Career Info Session on April 18th, 5pm at our 333 Terminal Avenue location! Our guests will get to: Discover which careers in Business, Travel, Tourism, or Hospitality suits them best, Learn what it takes to be successful in these exciting and rewarding industries, Meet the instructors, get program information and…

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