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Business Administration

What is taught in Business Administration?

Whether you want to work in retail, start your own small business or work for a company, you will need a wide range of skills to succeed. All the courses in this program will prepare you for future business challenges and teach you ways to adapt in today’s ever-changing business environment. Hone your business management skills with professional training courses and a challenging environment conducive for personal growth.

Business Administration Major in Hospitality Management

If you want to become successful managers in the hospitality, it’s not enough to have skills in hospitality industry alone. This program combines Business Administration courses with Hospital management courses in order to have a specialized degree.

Graduates from this program are eligible for admission to Royal Road University’s Bachelor of Arts Major in International Hotel Management with full block transfer.

Business Administration Major in Travel and Tourism Management

Distinguish yourself from all the other applicants in the tourism field by adding business management training to your courses. This program is designed to develop students’ understanding of various functional aspects of business and commerce with a focus on tourism.

Graduates from this program are eligible for admission to Capilano University’s Bachelor of Tourism Management.