Where Can Your Career in Tourism Take You? Consider Working on a Cruise Ship!

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This year, almost 30 million passengers are expected to board cruises all over the world. They will enjoy a stay packed with activities, leisurely relaxation time, upbeat entertainment, many destinations to explore, and plenty of delectable menu items to savour. It’s the experience of a lifetime! Or, it would be if guests didn’t come back again and again and again.

What’s it like working in this unique environment? Here’s a small taste of what students can expect from this career path.

Opportunities Abound for Those With a Career in Tourism Who Work on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are often compared to floating cities, and with good reason. Everything from gyms to spas to rock climbing walls and even ice rinks can be found on them, along with more than a few restaurants to boot. As a result, there are endless opportunities for those who want a career on a cruise ship. You could help organize activities and on-board entertainment, answer guest questions at the reception desk, or begin your career in any number of other roles. You could even work as a port lecturer educating guests about upcoming destinations, or as a tour manager booking all the tours guests will enjoy on land.

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Booking tours for guests is one career path open to those who work on cruise ships

Not only are positions plentiful, but graduates of travel and tourism college who work for cruise lines can also work towards more senior positions as they gain experience and seniority. For ambitious students who want an exciting career, cruise ships have a lot to offer.

Pay and Vacation Time Can Be a Big Plus for Graduates

Cruise ships are known for their extravagant buffets. For guests, these can include upscale French cuisine, avant-garde new options, and delectable comfort foods. For staff, the options are equally delicious. Dedicated chefs make sure that staff have plenty of tasty options—often including local dishes from the crew’s home countries—to choose from 24/7.

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The opportunity to travel the world is just one perk to look forward to

All of those tasty meals will often be complimentary. In addition, lodging is also provided. As a result, the money crew make will often go directly into their savings. That practical perk is one top reason why those with a career in tourism choose to work on a cruise ship.

Vacation time can also be another big bonus for those with a career on a cruise ship. While it’s true that work hours can be long during a contract, most contracts will last for a period of approximately six months. Crew can then enjoy about two months of vacation time before beginning their next contract, leaving plenty of time open for travelling, spending time with family, or simply enjoying some well-deserved relaxation time.

Working on a Cruise Ship Means Meeting People From All Over the World

With so many different positions needed on a cruise ship, it’s no surprise that staff numbers can be very high. Hundreds of crew will often work on a single cruise ship, making this environment a perfect one for forming close friendships. Themed parties, evenings at the crew bar, and many fun nights are all a part of life at sea.

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Cruise ships are tight knit communities

That’s not the only social perk to working on a cruise ship, though. These teams are very diverse and often come from all over the world. And did we mention that celebrating the holidays of all nationalities is often part of social life on a cruise ship? Meeting people from all over the world, learning about their cultures, and forming close friendships might just be the biggest perk that comes with this career path. For many, the opportunity to meet people from all over the world is one of the most rewarding aspects of working on a cruise ship.

Working on a cruise ship is just one of the many options available to graduates of our travel and tourism management courses.

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