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What Canada means to me?


For me, immigrating to Canada was a long term plan, at some point perhaps not even a plan but only a dream. A dream of having a safe environment to live in, having a future based on fairness and equality and also ample opportunities. The dream became a plan and a 7 year journey resulted in me becoming a citizen of Canada.


As Canadian I am part of a global society. Where on earth can you find more than 200 ethnic origins in one country? This melting pot of cultures created the platform for a diverse society. You can experience authentic food, music, dance and culture in various neighbourhoods, where you could easily feel at home.


It is difficult to describe a feeling of excitement, awe and surprise. Canada with her natural beauty has plenty to offer for young or old, adventure seekers or the less adventurous. Being close to nature is part of who I am, it reminds me how small we are and that we as humans are just a small piece of creation.


How awesome is it to live in “Super, Natural, British Columbia”. Numerous lakes where you can kayak, paddleboard or swim in the crisp fresh water and absorb the silence and become one with nature.  Or, go for a bike ride in one of the unspoiled forests where the only interruption is the sound of the wind through the leaves. Or, venture away from land and join a water adventure to look for whales, dolphins or catch fish. Or, stay on land and go on a photo safari to look for black bears, caribou or even squirrels.


The options are unlimited, there don’t have to be a dull moment, a moment without fun, laughter and experience. Don’t limit yourself, experience what British Columbia and Canada have to offer.


During the past few years, it has been easy to call Canada my home, and for that privilege I am very grateful. Now the journey continue, not sure what the future will hold, but what I am sure of is that it will be an adventure.


By Anna-Marie Rautenbach, Hospitality Instructor