Celebrating World Tourism Day in Vancouver

Written by Mark Enright, Instructor, Eton College Canada

September 27th is World Tourism Day and today Eton College celebrated the day in true Vancouver fashion, in the rain! The event was the first of its kind in Vancouver, where students from Eton College’s Tourism and Hospitality programs became “Tourism Ambassadors”. The theme this year was, “Tourism and Community Development” and our job was to educate the public about the importance of the tourism industry to the province of British Columbia.


World Tourism Day - Eton College Postcard

World Tourism Day – Eton College Postcard

The event started off at Science World where a bus, courtesy of The Vancouver Trolley Company, picked up a group of 50 students and faculty and we headed for Granville Island. At Granville Island, the students fanned out into the marketplace and handed out “World Tourism Day” postcards, which contained facts about BC’s tourism industry, and on the front, was a photograph taken by a Eton College student, Harley Rosario, who had won the college’s postcard contest.

Our next stop was at Vancouver Convention Centre where we met with Rod Maclean, the client services manager at the Centre, where he gifted the photo competition prize winner and we had a great group photo, while still handing out the tourism postcards to the public. After jumping back on the bus we headed to Stanley Park, where our community project began. We piled out into the rain (well, Stanley Park is part of a temperate rainforest!) and picked up trash in and around Second beach. After some “very wet” trash collecting, we headed back to the college.


I would like to thank everyone who was involved in Eton College`s World Tourism Day Celebrations, with a special mention to Dwayne, our bus driver and the Trolley Company for kindly providing our transportation. Many thanks to Rod Maclean at the Convention Centre and to John O’Meara at Imagen Promo for their generous support today. But the biggest thank you goes to all the students who participated with a smile and enthusiasm, despite the rain! Thank you all!!