Clever Tricks to Calm Kids on Planes After Becoming a Flight Attendant

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Anyone who’s ever flown likely knows the discomfort and worry that can spread through an airplane cabin when passengers spot a baby or toddler on board. While not all children cry during flights, it’s pretty common as changes in air pressure, strange noises, and unfamiliar sights and smells can unsettle children. In some cases, despite a parent’s best and oftentimes feverish efforts, their child won’t calm down. Flight attendants, though, have the power to turn it all around.

It seems as if there’s always a story in the media about a flight attendant who went above and beyond to help a family with young children get through their flight. For parents managing an upset toddler, a helpful and attentive flight attendant can be their saving grace and turn a stressful flying experience into a positive one!

If you’re interested in becoming a flight attendant, read on to learn how you can help soothe stressed children once you become a flight attendant.

After Becoming a Flight Attendant, Provide Distractions for Kids Who Are Upset

It’s no secret that kids have a short attention span and that sitting in a plane for hours can cause children to get bored. After earning your flight attendant diploma, you can help keep a child happy throughout a flight by offering some sort of distraction. Depending on the airline you work for, you might have colouring books, picture books, snacks, or toys that you can offer to help take a kid’s mind off the flight and give their parent a much-needed break.

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Providing kid-friendly snacks can be a great distraction

Get Kids Who Are Upset Involved On the Plane After Becoming a Flight Attendant

In July of 2017, a news story went viral about a Southwest flight attendant who helped distract an upset child by giving her an important job to do. She asked the little girl to help her walk down the aisles and collect trash in a bag. The little girl was so excited to be “helping” and meeting all the other passengers on board that her mood not only brightened up, but it also created a fun, positive environment on the plane. All the other passengers smiled and clapped for the girl, creating a positive memory for everyone. You could try doing something like this after becoming a flight attendant if you notice a young passenger might need a pick me up.

Offer to Carry Unsettled Babies to Give Parents a Break

A parent who is flying alone, in particular, can have a tough time if their baby or toddler becomes upset and can’t be calmed down. It’s understandable that a parent may feel like they are disturbing other passengers around them and begin to feel anxious. And since children can sense their parent’s stress, their anxiety can sometimes make matters worse. You can help take pressure off parents flying solo by offering to carry or walk their baby or toddler up and down the aisle. Not only will the motion of walking help calm the child, but it will provide the parent with a much-needed break to relax, go to the bathroom, or have something to eat.

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Parents flying alone can often use extra assistance with their children

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