Co-op Fieldtrip to Capilano River Regional Park

Written by Mark Enright

Understanding the environment in which we live, travel and play is fundamental to excel in the tourism and hospitality industry. The tourism industry is dependent on a healthy environment, as it acts as an attraction to bring visitors to a destination. The natural environment is one of Vancouver’s greatest selling points. As part of the Eton College Co-op Program, students recently went on a field trip to Capilano River Regional Park for their tourism geography course.

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The students discovered through an informative guided tour how the park is essential for the well-being of Vancouver (it’s where we get a lot of our drinking water) and as an important tourist attraction. The park benefits both local residents and international visitors who come to see the wildlife (we saw two bald eagles), the old growth forest (with trees over 600 years old), Capilano canyon and salmon hatchery.

The guided tour, with an expert from the Metro Vancouver Parks team, gave the students a practical insight into the local ecosystem. These interactive and informative field trips give students a thorough understanding of the topic being studied and are an important element in the educational framework Eton College offers its students.

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The Eton College Co-op program is a 2 year educational – industry partnership which allows students to improve their skills and knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry through classroom learning combined with hands-on, practical work experience. The combination of these two areas gives students a balanced, well-rounded education which todays employers are looking for. The program is designed to enhance communications skills, industry knowledge and the practical understanding of the tourism and hospitality industry. For more information, call 604-677-ETON (3866)