Employment statistics and opportunities in hospitality and tourism

You’ve just completed your diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management! Congratulations! Now for the next step… a job. Where do you start?

You were probably keen on choosing a program that would lead to a rewarding career with plenty of employment opportunities anywhere in the world; you made the right choice with tourism and hospitality but now you need to know where the jobs are.

Whether you are interested in working in different cities in BC, or in eastern Canada, or even applying for an international position, there are many useful sites where you can start your research.

Can’t decide between Kelowna, Prince George or Victoria? Check out the BC Government website for community statistics information, where you will find how many positions are open in the location of your choice in Food and Beverage Service or Accommodations. You can also find tons of information from the go2 The Resource for People in Tourism website. The go2 site also provides information about the number of new jobs in tourism in BC; <https://www.go2hr.ca/careers-tourism” target=”_blank”>have a look here: “After several years of slow labour growth, the tourism industry is poised to expand… Labor shortages are already being felt in places like Northern BC and in the Rockies regions. By 2016, the crunch will be more acute throughout the province.” That’s great news for you!

Let’s look at expanding your horizons; moving on to eastern Canada…or anywhere else in Canada. Here’s where to start: employment statistics for Canada.

One of the sweetest advantages of an Eton College Hospitality and Tourism Management Diploma is that you can apply your knowledge, experience and skills in different countries and in various positions. How about on a cruise ship? Or as a tour guide during the London Olympics?

So after all the glam and glitz of your graduation ceremony, with your resume in hand, and a big smile on your face, you are ready to start your search for a great job in BC, in Canada, or anywhere else in the world. On top of all that, if you are an Eton College graduate, remember that you have access to lifelong career support whenever you need it.

Good hunting! 🙂