Why Enrolling in College for Hospitality Management Could Be Your Best New Year’s Resolution Yet!

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What do you want most from the New Year? Travel? Adventure? The chance to accomplish something you can feel proud of? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself, and reach new heights you never thought imaginable.

Whether your resolution is to meet new people, or your ambitions are more practically and financially minded, pursuing a career in hospitality might be an excellent option. Why is a career in hospitality such a good idea? Continue reading to find out!

You Can Look Forward to Plenty of Room for Growth by Studying at College for Hospitality Management

It’s no secret that a career in hospitality comes with a world of possibility. Dream of opening your own B&B? Or maybe working your way up to a top position at a luxury resort? How about running a beloved boutique hotel, or a sprawling camp ground nestled in a remote corner of the wilderness?

The possibilities are just about endless

The possibilities are just about endless

When it comes to careers in hospitality management, the possibilities are practically endless. If you’re ambitious, you can take your career to incredible heights. And if you prefer keeping your career at a beloved establishment working alongside a few close friends, that’s more than fine too!

Hospitality Is Huge, with Opportunities all over the World

Here in Canada, hospitality and tourism are a pretty big deal. Last year, revenue generated by hotels was a staggering $3.4 billion. In addition, Canada welcomed a record number of visitors, with 20.8 million trips to the country recorded last year.

All over the world, hospitality is racking in impressive revenues

All over the world, hospitality is racking in impressive revenues

Around the world, hospitality is also thriving. In 2014, it generated an estimated 410.36 billion, and by 2016 that number had swelled to 495.17 billion. For graduates who plan to keep their career in BC, there’s also plenty of good news to look forward to. Professionals in tourism and hospitality are so in demand that over 50% of businesses within the sector reported having difficulty finding enough qualified staff to fill positions.

It’s Not Your Typical 9-5 Office Job

Enrolling in a college for hospitality management is a step towards a field that promises anything but your typical 9-5 job. There are many reasons for this. To start with, hospitality is a field where no two days are exactly the same. New guests are always checking in, which means there are always new people you get to meet.

A career in hospitality can be very rewarding

A career in hospitality can be very rewarding

In addition, careers in hospitality offer plenty of flexibility. So whether you prefer working part-time, full-time, or on contract, you can find options that best suit your preferences. Variety is also built right into this career path, as hospitality is a field that is forever changing. To stand out, hotels and establishments of all shapes and sizes are constantly looking to innovate. That might mean new décor, trendy new elements, or adding a few new tours or activities to your establishment.

So, if you want a little adventure and excitement in 2019—or every year, for that matter—choosing to study hospitality could be the answer.

Is your New Year’s resolution to train for a rewarding career that you can feel proud of?

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