Student Experience: Representing Eton College at CONNECT Show BC



This past weekend, I had the honour of representing Eton College at the CONNECT Food + Drink + Lodging Show, the largest hospitality tradeshow in Western Canada. The VIPs at the event were all treated so well with complimentary dinner, drinks, and hotel accommodations. I got to spend my weekend with 12 other Future Leaders. These people were absolutely amazing people who will be very influential in their lives.

CONNECT Show BC consisted of a lot of different booths that had to do with the Hospitality Industry. There were a lot of products, tastings, and demonstrations. There were so many people to talk to and listen to what they had to say. There were so many info packets to pick up and business cards to grab that it could get overwhelming. But if you are there with friends, then it is a lot easier to get information and have fun at this event. There were celebrity chefs, for example, Vikram Vij, and Iron Chef competitions happening throughout the event. The atmosphere was very light and energetic with so many people walking around. It was a great trade show and very informative for anyone in the industry.

Then, there was the Trends Breakfast, where we discussed new industry trends and featured the BC Hospitality Foundation Awards. Twelve students from different colleges/universities were nominated to be the Future Leaders in the Hospitality industry. The award recipients each got a certificate and a scholarship from the BC Hospitality Foundation.


I am very honoured and grateful to have been considered for an award like this. I have to thank my friends and family for always supporting me and for making me be the best I can be. I also have to thank Eton College for giving me opportunities like this to shine. Thanks to my teachers for knowing my strengths and pushing me to my limits to reach my goals. It is a very important award and I will remember my experience at the CONNECT Show forever. I have also made 12 new friends, which is priceless. This opportunity was also a great networking event. This is definitely one of the greatest highlights in my career!