Eton College Graduation 2013

It is with great pride, joy and some sadness that Eton College staff and faculty said congratulations and good-bye to the graduating class of 2013, on November 1st, 2013, at the Empire Landmark.

The ceremony was well-organized by the Student Services team, the location and food were fabulous, but best of all were the bright smiles on our graduates’ faces. Graduates beamed as they were receiving their diplomas and awards; their family and friends were proud and taking numerous photos.

As graduates are now entering the world of work it is hoped that they will cherish their new found knowledge, use it to make their environment a better place, and keep in touch with the staff and faculty at Eton College who care very much for all of them and hope they will come and visit from time to time.

 Written by:

Nicole Beaulieu, CTC, MEd

Director of Operations – Eton College