Eton College and Vancouver Island University: Working Together to Prepare Students for Tourism Careers

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Thinking about starting a career in the travel and tourism industry? Eton College and Vancouver Island University have teamed up to offer you an exceptional dual credential tourism program! The first year is run by Eton College and teaches you the skills you’ll need for several different travel and tourism careers. In the second year, which is run by Vancouver Island University, you’ll learn about the management tools and techniques that will help you succeed as your career progresses. It’s the best of both schools all taught at the same campus in beautiful Powell River, British Columbia.

Curious about what you can expect from this dual credential tourism program? Here’s a quick look at some of the main attractions.

You’ll Leave with Killer Flight Attendant Chops

Want to get paid to travel? Studying in a diploma program that covers everything you need for success as a flight attendant is a good first step!

travel and tourism careers

Graduates can get right to work as flight attendants!

Offered in the first year of the program, flight attendant training teaches you about things like food and drink service, how to deal with customers, and even how to manage medical emergencies at 40,000 feet. You’ll learn everything you need for career success up in the air, and will be set to begin a life of worldwide adventure.

Want Travel and Tourism Careers on the Ground? We’ve Got You Covered

Want a desk job, but still like the idea of travel perks? You’ll love life as a travel agent or marketer. The first year of the program prepares you for these careers by teaching you things like how to sell travellers on a destination, how to price and cost transportation fares, and the ins and outs of combining flights, activities, and lodging into awesome packages.

Travel agents and marketers get plenty of discounts on trips, and sometimes even get paid to check out new destinations before clients do. If you want to explore the world and have the comfort of a desk job to return to, you’ll definitely love this portion of our program.

travel and tourism program in Powell River

Travel agents enjoy both desk jobs and travel perks

You’ll Learn Management Skills for Many Travel and Tourism Careers

Careers in travel industry businesses offer a lot of advancement possibilities, and if you want to be prepared for an eventual management role, you’ll love the second half of this dual credential tourism program. These classes serve up an introduction to travel and tourism industry law, teach you how to manage tourism facilities like resorts and hotels, and introduce you to basic business accounting.

travel and tourism careers

Learn the management skills you need to succeed

This portion of the program ensures you have the right tools to get ahead, and the transferability of management skills means they’ll apply to many areas of the travel and tourism industry—from hotels and resorts to travel agencies, and beyond.

You Get Two Diplomas and You Can Transfer to University Studies

One of the best things about this program is it gets you two full diplomas—a Travel, Tourism & Flight Attendant Preparation Diploma from Eton College and a Tourism Studies Diploma from Vancouver Island University—to show off when you start looking for travel and tourism careers. Want to keep studying? Graduates can even apply for third year status in a Bachelor’s program at Vancouver Island University.

travel and tourism careers

Want to keep studying? Your diploma credits can get you into University!

If you’re not sure what path you want to take on your way to a career in travel and tourism, this flexibility will be a big help. Start working, continue your studies, or do both! The choice is yours.

With so many possibilities open to you after completing the program, enrolling in Eton College and Vancouver Island University’s dual credential tourism program is an excellent way to set yourself up for many different experiences down the road.

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