February 23rd was National Cupcake Day

Written by: Kaexel Siso, Eton College Hospitality Class Student

After the tourism class’ successful fundraising event for Virunga, the hospitality class was a bit challenged.

Was there something we can do as a group? Was there something we feel strongly for? And something others will empathize with?



February 23rd was National Cupcake Day as declared by the SPCA and our hospitality class had the chance to ‘bake a difference’ for animals close to home.

The goal was $300, as we only had a few days to plan & did not know how the event will be received. Yet, on the 3rd day of sale, we had already gone over our goal with another day left of fundraising!

In only 4 days, with nearly 700 cupcakes, truffles, cookies and others, we had raised $468!

As of writing, the amount raised has already been donated to the SPCA. You can be sure that every dollar is going to help animals in need. Thank you for the support!