Flight Attendant Preparation 101: Managing the Holiday Travel Rush

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While Santa may be the most famous flyer during the holidays, we know full well that the people who will be logging the most flight time will be flight attendants. It will come as a surprise to nobody that being a flight attendant during the holiday travel rush can be hectic.

We get it: airports are packed, snow storms can cause delays, security lines are long, and some passengers may be feeling less than jolly. Being a flight attendant during the holiday rush is hard work, but by following these helpful tips you can still feel that Christmas cheer even at 35,000 feet in the air.


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Some passengers aren’t as jolly as this one during the holiday rush


Don’t Be Afraid to Spread Some Cheer During the Flight

Being a flight attendant is a serious job as you will be responsible for the safety and comfort of passengers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while you’re doing it. From wearing red and white hats to answering children’s question about whether or not you’ve ever seen Santa Claus and his reindeer in the sky, there are many ways you can make the holiday travel experience a little more fun for both you and your passengers.

If you’re not too shy, you could even use a few other fun and quirky approaches to add a dash of holiday cheer. This Southwest flight attendant, for example, managed to reassure passengers that their flight would be on time while also lifting some of the holiday stress with an impressive rendition of “I’ll be Home for Christmas”:




Use the Customer Service Skills You Learned in Your Flight Attendant Course

Chances are you decided to become a flight attendant because you’re a great people person. The customer service skills you learn during your flight attendant courses may even be your favourite part of the program. The holiday travel rush is a great time to put those skills to use—even if that means going back to your course materials and giving yourself a little refresher.


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Keeping the fundamentals of good customer service in mind will help during the holiday rush

Remember that if you have a passenger who is upset or being difficult, remaining calm is the best thing you can do to keep the situation from escalating. While flying may be routine for you, for many of your passengers it can be frightening, which can lead them to behave as less than their best selves. Offering a little empathy and reassurance will help them—and you—relax a little better.

Realize How Great Being a Flight Attendant Can Be

Sure, being a flight attendant during the holiday rush is stressful at times. But if you take a second to think about it, you have to admit that it’s also a pretty sweet gig! You get to travel the world, see places that you might never have seen otherwise, and get paid to do it! The best flight attendant preparation we can give you for the holiday season is to stay positive and remind yourself that you are getting to do what for many people is a dream job.

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