Flight Attendant Preparation Training Mock Cabin

Our highly popular Flight Attendant program is now offered at our new campus in beautiful Powell River, BC. In the highly competitive airline industry, enrolling in a Flight Attendant Preparation Program can increase your chances of getting hired as a Flight Attendant.

Our program is developed and taught by experienced Flight Attendants who have mastered the job themselves. Our Instructors will hone your interview skills, give you inside information, help you look your best, and make you as attractive as possible to airlines that are looking to hire. Applicants with formal training from flight attendant schools such as Eton College will have the practical knowledge and experience in dealing with the public, and will therefore, have a better chance of landing a position.

Do you like adventure, want to travel the world, or enjoy working with people? If so, this may be the right program for you to take a step towards your dream job.



Course List

AFA 100 Aviation First Aid
AVI 100 Introduction to Aviation
CUS 100 Customer Service
GEO 100 Aviation Geography
PRO 100 Professional Development
SAF 100 Safety and Emergency Procedures
SEC 100 Security Procedures


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