Do you like adventure? Are you a team player? Do you possess a take-charge attitude and the strong desire to assist people? Are you adaptable to change? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. Eton College is one of Vancouver’s premium flight attendant schools.

Enrolling in the Flight Attendant Preparation Program today will increase your chances of being hired by an airline tomorrow. Our program is developed and taught by experienced Flight Attendants who have actually mastered the job themselves. Our Instructors will hone your interview skills, give you inside information, help you look your best, and make you as attractive as possible to airlines that are looking to hire.

All major airlines are required by law to provide Flight Attendants to care for the safety of passengers. According to employment statistics, the employment opportunities of Flight Attendants is expected to grow through 2015.

Applicants with formal training from flight attendant schools such as Eton College will have the practical knowledge and experience in dealing with the public, and will therefore, have a better chance of landing a position with the airlines.Top employers will be impressed with your skills and experience when you graduate with a Diploma in Flight Attendant Preparation from Eton College. You’ll be confident making a smooth transition from school into the professional environment after training in Eton’s hands-on program. Plus you’ll have the ongoing support of Eton’s dedicated student services team.

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Course List

AVI 100 Introduction to Aviation
CUS 100 Customer Service
GEO 100 Aviation Geography
PRO 100 Professional Development
SAF 100 Safety and Emergency Procedures
SEC 100 Security Procedures