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Flight Attendant Training in Vancouver

What are the qualifications to be a Flight Attendant? 

The current job market for flight attendants is highly competitive. Employers want to hire only the best candidates for the job. Without specific skills, knowledge and experience in this field, it will be difficult to stand out from a crowd of applicants.

At Eton College, we have developed Flight Attendant training programs in Canada to equip students with a wide range of specialized and complementary skills that are highly sought after by airline industry employers. We also provide strong career support for students, which help them craft the “perfect” resume and prepare them for job interviews. We are a career college after all, and we operate with the full awareness that our measure of success is your career success!

Flight Attendant Preparation Program 

The program provides extensive training in customer service, safety, and aircraft systems, allowing you to meet the employment standards in the flight service industry.

Hospitality and Flight Attendant Preparation – Diploma Program

If you can’t decide whether you want to work on the land, sea or in the air, then this program is perfect for you. It teaches students a wide range of skills in the Hospitality and Airline industries in order to become well-rounded individuals that can fit the mold of any career in this field. Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and abilities to start their careers in a hotel environment and transition smoothly to jobs in airlines or cruise ships. 

Travel, Tourism and Flight Attendant Preparation – Diploma Program

As one of our most popular and sought after program, it aims to meet the demands of tourism and airline industries. Over 400 jobs and the opportunity to get their dream job as flight attendants await graduates of this program. Professionalism, service excellence, safety, and security are the key goals of this program. Learners are exposed to in-depth tourism knowledge and extensive hands-on practice in our very own mock airline cabin. Welcome to Eton Airways!

With proper flight attendant training from Eton College Canada, you will be ready to work for the airline of your choice.


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