What the Future of Aviation Might Look Like for Anyone Becoming a Flight Attendant

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During the early days of commercial aviation, flights used to feature delectable meals (think steak!), all-you-can-drink bar service, unlimited baggage allowances, and plenty of leg room for passengers. That snapshot of the past might sound like a little slice of luxury when compared to today, but that’s not to say that things haven’t changed for the better!

Sure, passengers today might be a little bit more squished together than in the past, but smaller seats more tightly packed together have helped increase the amount of passengers per flight and decrease the cost of individual tickets. That in turn has helped make flying more accessible, allowing more and more people to take to the skies.

So, what does the future of aviation hold? It turns out there are a few more positive changes that appear to be just around the corner. Here’s a quick peek.

More People Are Travelling than ever Before

The luxuries of the past might have been pretty impressive, but they also came with a pretty high price tag. Flying was something that only a wealthy few could afford, and fewer routes meant that travellers had fewer destinations to choose from.

More people are flying than ever before

More people are flying than ever before

All of that has changed over the last several decades, as budget airlines and economy class tickets have made flying affordable enough for more and more passengers to try it. That trend is showing no signs of slowing anytime soon, with increased growth predicted. In fact, last year saw 4.3 billion passengers fly, and by 2036, that number is expected to climb all the way up to 7.8 billion! Much of that growth is driven by emerging economies like China and India, where air travel is expected to balloon to new levels. For anyone interested in becoming a flight attendant, it’s certainly an exciting time to pursue this career path.

Tourism Growth in Canada Is Strongest in BC, which Is Good News for Flight Attendant Careers

More and more people are travelling all over the world, but more people are also choosing to visit Canada too. 2017 broke records with 20.8 million visitors, and then in 2018 a new record was set again with 21.13 million visitors choosing to travel to Canada.

BC is seeing plenty of growth and new visitors!

BC is seeing plenty of growth and new visitors!

Those numbers aren’t a fluke, as Canada has worked hard to boost tourism over the last few years. The big influx in 2017 was in part due to Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations. And a big reason for 2018’s boost in tourism was because it was the Canada–China Year of Tourism. Big investments have been made to promote Canada as a worthy destination, and that boost is being felt in BC in particular, where most new visitors choose to go. This is expected to help create new opportunities for flight attendant careers, as growth is forecast for this position by Work BC.

Greener Travel Is Expected to Grow

Anyone working in tourism will likely tell you that eco travel is a big trend these days—but that’s not the only part of tourism going green. Airlines are also looking to reduce waste and fuel consumption. In fact, a landmark initiative by the International Civil Aviation Organization has been put forward. The initiative, known as the Carbon Offsetting Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA), is committed to keeping growth within the industry from also growing emissions. Not only will this help to mitigate environmental impact, but it’ll also help to cut down on fuel costs for airlines. In addition, many airlines are also looking to cut down on single-use plastic.

One thing’s for sure; there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of aviation!

Airlines are looking to do their part for a greener future

Airlines are looking to do their part for a greener future

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