Getting Through a Smooth Application Process


You may have heard that you should consider at least three schools before making up your mind. That’s wise advice. Once your decision is made, then what? It may be daunting to navigate through the various application processes.

Here are five general tips to keep in mind:

1)  Read the Admissions Requirements carefully. Avoid disappointment; make sure you qualify for the school and program of your choice. Be ready to provide evidence that you qualify.

2)  Gather your evidence documents. Order transcripts from your previous schools and make a copy of a piece of ID that proves your age. Once you have all of your documents ready, use the Admissions Requirements as a checklist to ensure your application is not delayed by missing documents.

3)  Be prepared to prove your English Proficiency level. Unless you can provide a High School transcript confirming that your English 12 mark meets the required level, you may be asked to complete an assessment. Review some basic English grammar online; here’s a good website to get you started.

4)  Get ready to meet an Admissions representative. This is the time to explore the best choice of program and courses that will help you land the career you dream of. That’s very important. You will need to discuss job options, your type of personality, your expectations, motivations and needs. Try a few of these tests –  or QuizBox

5)  Think long-term. In the excitement of the application process you may forget that this is only the first step. Next comes the real challenge: your studies. Know that you will get discouraged at times and wish you never applied. Take heart, you made the right decision. Education is the wisest investment you can make.

Written by Nicole Beaulieu, Director of Operations