Congratulations to the Eton College Graduates of 2015!

On Friday, November 6th, 51 students from Eton College crossed the stage and became proud Graduates of 2015!

These graduates have worked hard to complete their diploma programs, and this was a day to celebrate with their family, friends and the entire team of faculty and staff at Eton College!

One of our former students and an alumna of Eton College, Eva Voros, joined us in congratulating the new graduates. Eva had always dreamed about becoming a Flight Attendant. She came to Eton College as an adult learner and worked hard to realize her dream. Today, Eva works for West Jet, and she is proof that hard work and an openness to learn can help make dreams a reality!

Here is Eva’s speech from the 2015 graduation ceremony:

Eton alumna, has words of wisdom for Graduates of 2015
Good afternoon, Principal Brouwer; faculty, staff, special guests; and of course, our Graduates!

Let me begin with a story. Many years ago, there was a young girl of 13 whose parents took her and her siblings on a trip to Europe, to meet their extended family for the first time. She had never been on an airplane before and it was magical. As she stepped onto that airplane, “a DREAM was born”.

That girl was me. In that moment I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. And then life happened. I graduated, got married and had 3 great children. Life was wonderful and very busy.

The dream never died, but it had to wait. Over the years I often thought about it and even looked into it more than once, but the timing was never right.

Fast forward. The children are grown, married and producing grandchildren – 8 to be exact. I was 54 years old and one would think that I would have let that young girl’s dream go but I just could not. I decided to look in to it one more time.

Full of a million questions, I got on the internet and found Eton College. I figured, “Even if I just took the course – that will be enough”. I booked an interview and I arrived, heart beating madly, with a long list of question/doubts.

  • What about my age?
  • What about my height?
  • I do not speak French!!
  • What about my limited education?


Thank you Eton College – every concern was alleviated, every doubt was reassured, and I walked out once again determined to live my dream.

I have always believed that no education is wasted so I knew that this would be good, no matter the outcome. And it was better than good. Family and friends rallied around me as I revved up my middle aged brain and dove in.

As you all know, it is a challenging program with a lot of learning packed into a short period of time, but I loved it all. Surrounded by young minds, with interesting lives, was invigorating. The people I call my cheerleaders, known as staff and faculty, carried me through. And as the “Mama” of the group I hope I give a little something back to all of them.

Graduation day arrived and I can honestly say it was one of the very best days of my life. Not only had I accomplished what I set out to do but I had felt the love and support of so many along the way. My family was proud of me, especially my husband and children. That was a great feeling.
So now what? I figured, what the heck, I’ll apply for some jobs – still feeling sure that my age would be an issue, but again I thought, “If I get some experience with the application and resume process that will be great”. My resume landed on just the right desk and I was called for an interview. Seriously. To say I was excited would be an understatement but it also came with a whole new level of nerves.

So, the interview was interesting. It was an all-day event and it was for a bilingual position and I do not speak French. I do speak Hungarian, but they were kind of looking for the French. Anyway, I was just happy to be there, along with the one other guy who did not speak French (out of about 25 people). I was told to go home and wait for an email and I thought, “If the interview is as far as it goes, that will be enough.”

I got hired. My age didn’t matter. My height didn’t matter. None of it mattered.

Eton College had prepared me well and my dream was actually coming true. I was now 55 years old.

This January will mark 3 years that I have worked for a Canadian airline and I still love every minute of it. I have seen so much of Canada, which I never would have done. I have travelled as far west as Hawaii, as far east as Quebec City, as north as Yellowknife and as south as Dominican Republic – and many, many points in between. My job has allowed me to travel several times back to see family in Hungary, where on that very first flight a dream was born.
From the first day of school at Eton College onward, each step has been a dream come true and I would have been satisfied with any of it – but I got it all. The whole dream. I hope that each one of you realize your own dreams and never, ever give up. I am kind of the poster girl for that. It is NEVER too big or too late.

Congratulations on this day of your graduation. It is the beginning of your journey and you will accomplish more than you can imagine.