Calling All Employers!

If you are an employer and looking to hire enthusiastic, energetic and skilled new graduates for your company, we invite you to send us your job postings.

Please send your job requirements and inquiries to our Student Services Coordinator by emailing or call 604-677-ETON (3866).

What Our Colleagues in the Industry Say:

“In my interactions with students in the past, they normally expect to be given everything on a plate, but with Kristen, she just took a step back, looked at what needed to be done, and with an enthusiastic start of someone wanting to learn as much as possible and contribute more, she took charge. I won’t hesitate to entrust responsibility with her. She is completely dedicated to her work. This must come from her school (Eton College) and the people she surrounds herself with”.

– Peter Bambridge, VP Client Services, Jetset Sports