Hospitality Careers to Consider: Become a Campground Operator After Graduation!

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Don’t love the idea of office work or a 9-5 job? Like getting out into the fresh air? Love getting to meet people from all over the world? If so, you could be a great candidate for a career as a campground operator. It’s a fun line of work to be in, and since outdoor recreation is big business in Canada, there’s no shortage of opportunity out there for motivated, well-trained professionals looking to make their mark.

Want to get better acquainted with what a campground operator career entails and the ways a good hospitality training program can help you prepare for it? Here’s a closer look.

Campground Operators Help Create an Unforgettable Experience

For many families, going to a campground is a nice way to get a taste of nature without the discomfort that comes with backwoods excursions. It’s the perfect place for eating s’mores, singing songs by the campfire, and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city living.


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Evenings by the campfire are a must for many campers

To help everyone enjoy their stay, campground operators often organize plenty of activities. Fun nature programs for kids, evening talks, barbecues, guided hikes, and more can all help to create an unforgettable stay. The diversity of these responsibilities means a day running a campground will never be boring!


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Guided hikes and other activities help guests enjoy an unforgettable vacation


Keeping Facilities Running Smoothly Is Essential to Owning a Campground

Working as a campground operator also involves paying attention to the maintenance of facilities, inventory, and other elements important to the smooth operation of any campground.

Clean and well-stocked facilities can go a long way to making guests feel comfy. Having a small store filled with essential camping supplies like firewood, ice, toiletries, and s’mores kits can also go a long way towards making sure that a guest’s vacation isn’t ruined because they forgot to pack a few essential items. These small touches can all help to make a campground thrive and encourage guests to come back for their next vacation.


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Campground operators will often sell a few essential items like s’mores kits


Campgrounds Offer Perfect Hospitality Careers for Friendly Graduates

A campground isn’t quite a hotel, but guests will still look forward to friendly and attentive service. They want staff who will be patient when helping them with check-in, but also someone who is able to leap to action if something goes awry.

Top campground operators will often have a naturally sunny disposition and quality training completed at a college for hospitality management. This combination can help ensure that they are equipped with an understanding of how best to communicate with guests at all times, no matter their needs.

The Most Successful Campground Operators Love Camping, Too!

Hospitality careers come in all shapes and sizes, which is part of what makes them so rewarding. For travellers who love being out in nature, hiking, and all things camping, operating a campground could be the perfect way to spend time outdoors and enjoy a career unlike any other.

In addition, your experience as a guest at other campgrounds could act as a perfect source of inspiration for your own operation. Love the games room at one campground you visited? Or enjoyed the volleyball court at a nearby destination? You could add or expand to your campground throughout your career as you come across new ideas during your travels!


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Students who love camping are ideally suited to this career path

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