Hospitality Management Meets Wellness: Discover the Trend Taking Over Hotels Around the World!

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In Canada and around the world, the hospitality sector is booming. According to recent reports, 2016 saw some pretty stunning figures for global tourism growth, with the industry generating US$7.6 trillion in revenue, 3.1 per cent in growth, and six million new jobs across the planet. In fact, according to those same reports, approximately 1 in 10 jobs around the world are in tourism.

If tourism in general is booming, then wellness tourism is zooming ahead at even more impressive speeds, with some estimates saying that this particular niche has grown at double the pace of the rest of the industry. Want to know how you can tap into this trend during your future career in hospitality? Here are some highlights on the movement tourists can’t seem to get enough of.

Fitness Options a Must for Hospitality Management Pros

According to recent studies, more travellers want vacations that allow them to stay fit or even do a little more exercise than they would at home. And, as the trend continues to climb, more and more hotels are taking note.

For example, Westin Hotels and Resorts has combined sightseeing with fitness through its new runWESTIN program, which offers group runs along scenic attractions. Other hotels have also jumped on the bandwagon, with some even offering sessions with personal trainers, in-room yoga mats and fitness equipment, and other health-oriented goodies. If you would like to add an element of wellness to your future establishment, everything from guided hikes to surfing lessons and rental bikes can help your customers see local sights while also getting in some exercise.


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Gyms and other fitness options are a must-have for many wellness-minded hotels

Healthy Eating Another Top Wellness Favourite Sweeping Hospitality Management

While vacations are still a time for indulgence, more and more travellers are looking for menus that offer healthy eating too. The use of local and organic ingredients is a top favourite, and with the rise of veganism, many establishments are also looking to incorporate more meat- and dairy-free options into their offerings.

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Fresh, organic, and local ingredients are being added to many hotel restaurant menus

Many hotels have added their own particular twist to how they offer healthy eating. For example, Marriot recently added healthy vending machines to their chain so that even busy business travellers can grab a healthy snack while on-the-go. Whether growing herbs and veggies in an on-site garden, adding a juice bar to the lobby, or simply incorporating more fresh ingredients into menus, there are plenty of ways for those with hospitality and tourism careers to add a little wellness to locations of all shapes and sizes.

Wellness Beyond Fitness: Why Hospitality Professionals Are Taking a Holistic Approach

While exercise and healthy eating are at the core of the wellness trend, many travellers are looking for a little something more during their stay. For many, travel can be a time to unwind away from the stresses of constant email updates and the 9-5 grind.

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Yoga and other holistic wellness favourites are taking hospitality management by storm

Professionals working in hospitality management are taking note, with many resorts, hotels, and cruises offering spa facilities, guided meditation sessions, sensory deprivation tanks, saunas, and yoga classes to guests who see self-care and relaxation time as an important component in the wellness mix.

In fact, while WiFi has become a must-have for many hotels, some are going in the opposite direction, advertising that they don’t have WiFi to guests who would prefer to disconnect. For students who want a career helping others unwind, stay healthy, and experience the unique joys of visiting a stand-out destination, the endless opportunities that come with wellness hospitality could be the perfect fit.

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