Eton College - Hospitality AHLA

Serving the hospitality industry for nearly a century, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) is a national association representing all sectors and stakeholders in the lodging industry, including individual hotel property members, hotel companies, student and faculty members, and industry suppliers. As one of its educational partners, Eton College offers the Hospitality (AHLEI) Continuing Education Certificate Program currently recognized in 114 countries, with more than 11,000 property members worldwide.

The AHLEI courses are also offered as individual certificates. These courses, 12 in total, are taught in modules and do not require any pre-requisites. Simply pick which course interests you. Take as many courses as you wish, whenever your schedule permits. Completion of each course is awarded one certificate each.

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Course List


HOSP 110 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 140 Managing Front Office Operations
HOSP 142 Managing Housekeeping Operations
HOSP 160 Managing Hospitality Human Resources
HOSP 151 Managing Beverage Operations
HOSP 143 Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
HOSP 210 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 141 Managing Service in Food & Beverage Operations
HOSP 220 Convention Management Services
HOSP 124 Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting