Hospitality Management and Flight Attendant Preparation

Does working on land, at sea or in the air equally excite you and you are having a tough time deciding which way to go? Then this is the program for you. Graduates will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitude for careers in the hospitality, tourism, airlines and cruise industries. An excellent blend of exciting courses await you!


Course List

CUS 100 Customer Service
GEO 100 Geography
HOSP 110 Introduction to the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 120 Canadian Hospitality Law
HOSP 124 Basic Hotel and Restaurant Accounting
HOSP 140 Managing Front Office Operations
HOSP 141 Managing Service in Food & Beverage Ops
HOSP 142 Managing Housekeeping Operations
HOSP 143 Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
HOSP 151 Managing Beverage Operations
HOSP 160 Managing Hospitality Human Resources
HOSP 210 Supervision in the Hospitality Industry
HOSP 220 Convention Management Services
HOSP 230 Food, Beverage and Labour Cost Control
PRAC 100 Practicum
PRO 100 Professional Development
SAF 100 Safety and Emergency Procedures
SEC 100 Security Procedures

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