How An Eton College Student Can Stop Bullying

Where Change Begins

Everyone has encountered bullying one way or another. Bullying either comes in like a gust of cold wind or creeps in as subtle as seasons changing. Today’s society has been exposed to so many various forms of bullying; sometimes excusing the concept is so normalized that no one bothers to rebuke each other. As we discussed our experiences with being bullied or being a bully; we all agreed that it was an experience we all grew from. Sometimes we face challenges that are given to us to purely strengthen our values and self acceptance. No one deserves to be bullied or to go through a difficult time, but everyone has the right to grow, change, and take responsibility. 


Collectively, we believe that there is always a solution to every issue one may encounter. We all have our own problems, but we should never feel alone as we journey through them.  As Eton College students, how we can stop bullying is simply acknowledging that change begins with us. As mentioned earlier; at the end of the day it is always up to us to take responsibility for our actions, responses and hold each other accountable.


We have confidence that to stop bullying; we should change the little actions that could prohibit bitterness. Littles actions that could stop bullying are all forms of acts of kindness. Our choices of acts of kindness are the following: being understanding, being patient, and being compassionate. We believe that through practicing these three values, our attitudes can endure anything coming our way. These acts of kindness are universal and habits we can incorporate throughout any interaction. Being understanding makes everyone feel heard and safe. Being patient with one another results to being open minded and impacts our respect for the other. Lastly, compassion leads to peace of mind for both parties. What these values all have in common is that they all contribute to showing respect for one another. As Eton College students, we are choosing to start the change with ourselves before any bullying can occur.