How Can the Right Education Get You the Dream Job?

importance of education


Are you having trouble finding a job that matches your degree? Or maybe you’re a little unsure about whether your studies are taking you? Whatever situation you’re in now, know that it’s perfectly normal. Unemployment is on the rise all over, and one thing that’s contributing to it is the mismatch of skills between an applicant and the job.


Unemployment Rates

By the end of 2018, the unemployment rate in Canada reached its lowest in decades with a rate of 5.6%. Unfortunately, the number rose to 5.7% by July of this year. Although still relatively low, it’s significantly higher compared to last year of the same month. The ones that are most affected are people aged between 15 to 24 and women aged 25 to 54.


Number of Job Vacancies

Despite these unemployment numbers, there is also an increasing number of job vacancies across the country. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business reported that job openings are at its highest with roughly 430,000 vacant jobs. The construction, hospitality, and personal services industry. 



Why is it that there are so many jobs yet so many people unemployed? Companies and experts said that the problem is due to a shortage in the labor force, rather a shortage in skilled workers. There aren’t enough qualified applicants to meet the rise of the economy. This is especially bad for the tourism industry, which is expected to grow by 2020. They would require more staff in hotels, restaurants, resorts, and airlines to accommodate the influx of people.


Growing Tourism 

Tourism is the fifth largest growing industry all over the world. Canada alone experienced a growth of 2% this year as international and domestic travel increases. This makes it the perfect industry to direct your attention to. It has an unlimited market, and you get a lot of travel benefits alongside it.


Education is the Key

How can you prevent yourself from being one of those people who don’t fit the job? You have to get the right skills training and studies. It’s easy to just pick a degree that sounds interesting, but the problem with this is that a lot of students fail to consider their job market. One way you can improve your chances of getting a job after studying is applying to a field that had a constant demand. 


Consider Being a Flight Attendant

A job in tourism is a great choice because you’ll always have enough travellers around! One job that will definitely give you a good pay and benefits is being a flight attendant! They can earn as much as $38.46 an hour in Canada. It’s one of those jobs where a diploma would improve your chances drastically, but it’ll definitely be worth it. 


Eton College’s Flight Attendant Preparation Program can teach you the skills that will give you a competitive advantage. What’s great about studying under Eton is that you can actually advance your studies by transferring your units to universities. Also, they have multiple partner institutions that accept credits earned here.