How to Use Videos to Your Advantage in Tourism

video marketing in tourism

Consumers today respond better to more visual and straightforward content, which is why videos are such an effective marketing tool. When done right, videos can significantly boost social media engagement since it’s more concise than blog posts and more dynamic than images.


For an industry like tourism and hospitality that relies on selling an experience, mastering video marketing is crucial. 


Benefits of  Video Marketing for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

Surveys show that 66 percent of people who watch a video think about getting a trip to the featured location, and 72 percent of business travellers book directly with the agencies that show a video. 


One of the primary benefits of video marketing is exposure. It allows businesses to showcase their services and location. It creates an ambience that excites audiences to visit your location. The best part is that the videos don’t have to look too professional either because a beautiful area can speak for itself.


Videos are also effective in lead generation strategies. They build the company’s brand reputation and credibility as they attract potential customers.

Tips for Creating Videos 

  • Focus on the Story

The best videos are the kinds that are ‘shareable’ on social media. The best way to do this is by creating a story that catches people’s attention and makes them want to send it to their friends. Know your audience’s pain points and tap into their emotional side with inspirational videos and real-life testimonials.


  • Sell Your Location

Give the viewers something to look forward to by highlighting the best aspects of the area. Provide little hidden secrets and fun facts to make the video more unique. Information about the local people and their way of living are other ways of improving your video. Tourists are always looking for content that helps them adapt and blend in when they go somewhere.


  • Tap Into Their Curiosity

While videos are generally informative, a good marketing strategy also involves making the audience look for more. Videos should pique their interest enough that they are compelled to become your site’s loyal followers. Once they start following your social media accounts, then it will be easier to sell a product to them.


  • Make It Natural

No need to spend thousands on a high-end, perfectly staged video. The best ones are simple, straightforward, and have a bit of sincerity to them. Live videos are great for this because it captures the everyday life of the workers and how they interact with visitors.


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