How Tourism Is Growing with ‘New’ Ways to Travel


Effective, well-built transportation systems are an essential part of travel and tourism. They bring tourists to their destination as smoothly and efficiently as possible. New trends in the industry have in fact evolved to include physical travel as part of the experience. 





Aviation is one of the biggest advancements not just in tourism but in modern human history as well. Airline companies are constantly evolving and upgrading their service, and that includes improving the passenger’s comfort and safety.


  • Inflight Entertainment

Among the most noticeable advancements, especially for long flights, are the entertainment features of each airplane. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see seats with built-in tablets at the back that lets passengers watch movies or play video games. In fact, Emirates boasts 4,500 channels that include movies, TV series, anime, Korean drama, and many more. A lot of airplanes also have Wi-Fi, and some are also adding VR to the mix.


  • Special Seats

Another way airlines improve your experience is by offering special seats that make hours of sitting a non-challenge. Some of them do this by offering more leg space. Among the more high-end airlines like Air New Zealand’s Skycouch, there’s a row of chairs that turn into a couch upon takeoff.


  • Transit Hotels

To make long layovers more bearable, a new kind of accommodation called transit hotels have appeared in the mainstream. These are specifically designed for that time in between flights, and the amenities are located inside airports for easy access.





Since airplanes and trains have replaced boats as the primary mode of transportation between countries, the industry has adapted by transforming boats as a tourism experience all their own. Both large and small countries now use boats for tourism in unique ways.


  • Cruises

On one end of nautical tourism, there are cruises, which are generally considered as luxury vacation options. They are a convenient way to visit multiple countries without the hassle of booking rooms or flights. Aside from that, cruise ships include a variety of amenities from skydiving, ziplines, water slides, and more.


  • Boat Tours

Boat tours are a means for travellers to see different parts of a geographic location in just a day. In Southeast Asia, it’s especially common for boat tours to be accompanied by island hopping. For some areas with rivers, boat tours usually just cruise around the city for a few hours. This kind of vacation is usually done in the summer, when the weather is ideal for sailing.


  • Boat Rentals

A higher-end way of spending your vacations is through boat chartering. It’s similar to booking a hotel room, except instead of a building with amenities, it’s happening on a yacht! Oftentimes, the rentals also include water sports facilities, spas, and hot tubs, and you can also travel to different islands with them.





Trains remain one of the most efficient ways to travel for both locals and the tourists. The highlight of some trains is their speed and modern design, while others are popular for the views and routes that they cover.


  • Bullet Trains

Most commonly associated with Japan’s Shinkansen, bullet trains are high-speed and go as fast as 250 kilometers per hour, making them a more efficient means of travel than even planes. Many consider riding these superfast trains as an experience in itself because it has become a symbol of modern railway technology. Outside of Japan, there are already other bullet trains such as in China, the United Kingdom, and South Korea.


  • Luxury Trains

Experience riding a train like they did back in the day with luxury trains, which resemble hotel suites from the inside. What makes them different is that they are designed for maximum comfort and are styled elegantly for a high-end appeal. Luxury trains feature gourmet cuisine, excellent service, and breathtaking views. Some like the Maharajas’ Express in India strategically stop over at cultural destinations, which further enhance the passenger’s experience.


  • Unique Trains

Some trains are more simple on the inside, but their value comes from their scenic views and cultural importance. For instance, Thailand’s Death Railway is notorious for its story that dates back to World War II, where laborers lost their lives during its construction. Another significant train experience is the Trans-Siberian Railway. Not only is it one of the longest continuous trains in the world, but it is also known for crossing eight time zones.


The travel and tourism industry is constantly innovating and finding new ways to entertain its customers. Because of this, there are always unique and exciting job openings available for those in this industry. If you want to create a career in luxury cruise ships or tourist-attracting trains or just be part of an ever-dynamic industry, then exploring our travel and tourism programs is the first step.