Malala Day – Be #StrongerThan

As education is transformative and empowering, leading to better lives, not only for students, but also for communities and countries. It is our greatest hope that all women on earth have equal and peaceful access to education.

Today is “Malala Day”, in support of access to education for all girls. As Malala Yousafzai marks her 17th birthday, the young advocate continues to campaign for equal education rights. This year, she is in Nigeria, hoping for the return of “her sisters”, the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. “We cannot sit on the sidelines and let this continue. Each of us is responsible. We cannot rest until we have justice and freedom for every girl and every boy. Since last Malala Day, I have been working to help my sisters, raising my voice. But we must all do more.

At Eton College, we take great pride in our students’ success. We see them transform into strong, confident people with the right skills and training for exciting careers that take them around the world.

The message about Malala Day, shared around the world today, is that together, we can be #StrongerThan violence, ignorance, oppression, and fear.