Maximize Your “Student Life” Experience

Student Life can be rewarding for students that engage in campus activities

So you are in your first week of school, and already feeling the pressure of the new label you’ve taken on – STUDENT. It’s hard enough that you now have to wake up earlier than the rest of the world, pack your own lunch, wrestle for your seat on the bus, get to class on time, but you also have to stay attentive for 5+ hours before repeating the routine the next day. Long hours, homework, presentations, exams, financial woes, relationship stressors and sometimes strange cultures to endure. You may feel overwhelmed and unsupported and might even question if this Student Life is for you!

Here’s the good news – You are not alone! Most students experience similar emotions when change happens like the start of a new school year, transitioning from course to course or learning from different instructors.

Good institutions, like Eton College, have well-developed support infrastructure incorporated into the curriculum, with time and activities for the physical, emotional and mental wellness of students. These schools understand that school life without play, can be counter-productive.

On this aspect, Eton College goes the extra mile in ensuring life on campus is a healthy mix of work and play. A potpourri of exciting experiences await students at Eton. Students that take advantage of these offerings and participate actively find that Student Life can be rewarding and an exciting adventure.

For a well-balanced Student Life, Eton College offers:

  • A dedicated Wellness Counsellor to help navigate through work/life challenges
  • A dedicated Financial Aid Officer to help with money/student loan issues
  • Peer Mentors for students facing language or other social barriers
  • Fields trips and hands-on activities to bring life to theories
  • On-site library with extensive collection of current educational resources
  • Career Days to connect students to employers and post-graduation Career support for graduates

Written by Sue Murthi, Student Services Coordinator