Why You Might Want to Become a Tour Guide After Your Travel and Tourism Courses

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A truly great guided tour can be an unforgettable experience for travelers. It can bring the history and culture of their destination to life, enhance the social aspect of their trip, and even help nervous tourists feel more at ease in their new surroundings.

At the heart of every great tour is an excellent tour guide. This unique role can be the perfect career option for organized, outgoing, and knowledgeable professionals who have real enthusiasm for their destination, and a passion for sharing it with as many people as possible.

Think this could be the job for you after you finish your travel and tourism training? Read on to find out more about what it entails.

Graduates of Travel and Tourism Courses Can Work as Tour Guides in Many Different Locations

Working as a tour guide can mean many different things, depending on your location, the organization you work for, and the type of tour you are leading. Some tour guides will lead short daily tours of cities, museums, or cultural attractions, dealing with different tour groups every day and providing them with detailed insights and local knowledge.

Others may work as guides for package bus tours or cruise lines, travelling long distances for weeks at a time and taking in several different locations and activities. More adventurous graduates of travel and tourism courses might even find themselves leading groups on safari tours, hiking and climbing treks, and other excursions in fascinating, far-flung destinations. Whatever your specific travel preferences, there is sure to be a tour guide role for you.

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Working as a tour guide could take you to fascinating destinations

Learn More About the Places You Love By Working as a Tour Guide

In order to provide the best travel experience possible, tour guides need to be absolute experts on their destinations. Many organizations that employ tour guides require them to complete extensive training in order to learn everything they need to know before they can begin leading tour groups.

This can mean everything from knowing the history of famous landmarks or attractions, to being able to navigate remote natural environments—or even knowing more practical concerns like where ATMs and restrooms are located in a city or town.

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Tour guides need to know everything there is to know about their location

As a result, it is an ideal career for tourism college graduates who have a particular passion for a certain location, or an interest in subjects like art, history, or architecture. By working as a tour guide in one of your favourite destinations, you could gain a whole new level of insight into a place you love.

A Travel and Tourism Career as a Tour Guide Is an Enriching and Challenging Experience

Being a tour guide offers a challenge as well as the opportunity to grow and learn throughout your entire career. Tour guides need to be able to organize large groups, communicate effectively with people from all over the world, and think on their feet to deal with unexpected problems. Developing these skills and more in thorough tourism training will prepare you to excel in this role. It’s important to know, though, that the learning doesn’t stop after graduation. With the useful travel knowledge, global friendships, and treasured memories you will gain, working as a tour guide will provide benefits that last a lifetime.

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Working as a tour guide is a truly enriching experience

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