Perks of Studying Abroad

study abroad


Studying abroad might sound intimidating, but it’s an experience that is definitely worth the cost, effort, and time away from home. It’s not just an excuse to travel, but a source of real, practical benefits of being able to explore education in a foreign land.


  • Cultural Experience


Just the fact that you’ll be travelling to an entirely different country is a compelling enough reason to study abroad. You can experience new cultures, languages, interactions, and places for learning and personal enrichment. It will teach you not only to adapt to a different society, but also to become more outgoing as you meet new people and immerse in new communities.


  • Career Opportunities


Research from Erasmus shows that 64 percent of companies are more likely to hire those who have studied abroad. It fortifies your resume if you have done even just an exchange program abroad. There are certain skills and traits attributed to studying abroad, so your resume already has an edge above the others.




  • Quality Education


For some, studying abroad is a chance to take their education to the next level. It’s about experiencing different kinds of teaching methods and getting to learn from accomplished professionals with international credentials. Many colleges and universities abroad offer specialized training where you can get hands-on practice.


  • Marketable Skills


If part of your career goal is to work in that country, studying there is a great way to jumpstart your journey. Learn what skills and abilities the employers of that country need to fulfill local human resource needs and fuel the economy. Aside from that, you also gain other valuable interpersonal and networking skills that come with putting yourself out in an unfamiliar territory. 


At Eton College, we know exactly what employers in the Tourism and Hospitality industry in Canada are looking for. International students from all over the world have studied here and have since become attained both stability and success in their careers. Are you now keen on jumpstarting your own bright future through studying abroad?