Need a Practicum Student?

Contact the Student Services Coordinator at or 604-677-ETON (3866).


What is a Practicum?

Eton College is committed to providing all possible opportunities to enhance our students’ learning experience. We strongly believe that Practicum (unpaid work experience) placements benefit our students by providing a platform to apply previously learned theories at a real work environment.

Through our industry connections, the College has identified key employers who are willing to provide you this work experience and support you with the necessary supervision. Practicum experience offers you an excellent opportunity to build on your knowledge base as well as enhance core employment skills in a real work setting. While we are happy to provide you such opportunities for your career and personal growth, you must play an active role to reap the maximum benefits from the practicum program.


Purpose of Practicum

Through the Practicum program, our students are able to connect with various employers in different industries, such as the Tourism and Hospitality, and develop real world practical skills that complement their classroom learning at the college. These experiences can also lead to career opportunities with these employers if they perform well and meet their expectations. 

A practicum can be a fun learning experience where students gain more than just practical skills. Real life experience in a work setting, sharpened communication, and organizational skills, increase in self-confidence and personal growth, networking opportunities and professional connections are just some of the rewards of this enriching experience. It gives them a chance to learn skills beyond what can be taught in a classroom setting.


Who coordinates the Practicum?

Your practicum placement will be coordinated by the Student Services Coordinator who will liaise with relevant employers in British Columbia that are able to provide supervised work experience for our students. Students wishing to find their own practicum site must seek the approval of the Student Services Coordinator prior to making any arrangements. For more information regarding practicum arrangements, please consult with the Student Services Coordinator.


Where are the Practicum Placements?

Eton College has developed and continues to develop strong partnerships with reputable employers across the industries that recognize the high quality of education at Eton College. These partners offer excellent learning opportunities for our students for Practicum or Volunteer work.

When you qualify for Practicum, you may be placed with any one of our many reputable industry leading practicum partners based on your choice of program, personal suitability as determined by the partner and college, and availability of placement slots. Some of these placements will be at hotels, resorts, convention centres, tourism offices, airlines, airports, transportation services, travel agencies and a variety of other exciting and fun learning environments.


What if I want to know more about the Practicum Program?

If you want to know more about these exciting practicum opportunities, you may speak to or email any of our Admissions Officers or the Student Services Coordinator at 604-677-ETON (3866) or


What Our Practicum Hosts Say

“Rainbow Travel Inc is proud to be associated with Eton College by being instrumental in hosting Practicum Students who are either nearing the end or have completed their Travel Diploma course.

Eton College provides all of the necessary paperwork for the placement and constantly monitors the progress of each student by following up with phone calls and encouraging the placement organization to regularly fax in progress reports on the student.

This is a mutually beneficial partnership that benefits not only both organizations but also gives the students a chance to put their theoretical knowledge to the test in a real working environment.”


– Nigel Stephen Jacobson, Owner, Rainbow Travel Inc.