Pros and Cons of Being a Flight Attendant

flight attendant pros cons


Having a hard time deciding between a job that can pay and a job that’s fun? With a career as a flight attendant, you can have both! There are tons of benefits, but there are some not-so-great things about it, too. Take the time to consider it with this list of pros and cons to being a flight attendant!

PRO: Flexible schedules and flights

Flight attendants don’t work the same hours as other people do. Contrary to belief, they don’t actually have fixed routes, so even the days they have to work aren’t always the same. You could be working for days on end one time and end up having a break for weeks. They can work anywhere from 9 to 20 days a month depending on what they pick. FAs can more or less pick their own hours and routes in a bidding process. 

CON: Seniority gets first pick

Bidding isn’t always as easy, though. A lot of it is based on seniority, so new FAs might not always get the ones they want. You have to be working for quite some time to be able to pick freely, but it would definitely be worth it! Despite the freedom to choose their flights, a lot of them have to be on standby in case they need to fill on a flight. 



PRO: No need for a specific degree

The minimum requirement for a flight attendant is actually just a high school diploma. Diplomas and certificates are always an advantage though! It doesn’t matter what kind of degree you go either. However, anything related to tourism, management, and communication would be a big help. 

CON: Tough competition

There are literally thousands of applicants for every job posting, so you really have to do everything to make your resume look good. Business Insider once said that becoming a flight attendant is harder than getting into Harvard! It’s especially true for the most high-ranked airlines, too. On top of that, they have to undergo rigorous training before they can step off land.

PRO: Great pay that increases every year

You’ll be glad to know all that work would literally pay off! The starting salary of an entry-level flight attendant is higher than the average worker. It also goes up the longer you stay! Salary growth is exceptionally high once you reach your fifth year, and you’ll be getting higher pay up until your 20th year.



CON: Work on some holidays

Travelling for the holidays is fun if you’re the passengers, but not so great when you’re the crew. Expect to have to work some holidays depending on your seniority. The good thing though is that you get compensated accordingly for overnight flights and holiday ones.

PRO: Free flights, hotel discounts, and more!

Freebies are definitely the biggest perks of the job! Airlines reward their flight attendants with free flights during their days off, but that’s only if there are vacant and unpaid seats. You might not be getting seats during peak seasons. Sometimes the only free seats are business or first class. Oh well. Guess we have to settle for that! Also, they get tons of discounts to hotels, courtesy of the airlines.

If you love travelling, then all the pros would definitely outweigh the cons. The first step to becoming a flight attendant starts with getting the education that can boost your chances. Apply to Eton College’s Flight Attendant Preparation Program to get a head start among all the other candidates!