Resume Writing Tips that Help Flight Attendant Careers Take Off!

becoming a flight attendant in Vancouver

If you want to see the world, love travelling, and enjoy helping others, a career as a flight attendant might be the perfect fit for you. Before you start packing your bags, however, first you have to get the job.

A resume is your chance to make an attention-grabbing first impression on potential employers. But resumes can be intimidating—what should you include? What shouldn’t you mention? What kind of tone should you take? Preparing a resume can seem like an endless cycle of questions and second-guesses, but it can actually be easier than you think!

If you’re interested in becoming a flight attendant, read on for a few tips that can help you create a resume that gets your career off the ground.

Aspiring Flight Attendants Should Keep Resumes Short and Professional

One of the best rules of thumb when writing your resume is to keep it short. Many employers get swamped with resumes for a job opening, and simply don’t have the time to read pages of your entire work history, experience, and qualifications—in fact, the typical entry-level cabin crew resume is only one page long.

Instead of listing every job you’ve ever had, try to focus only on the ones that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. While you may not have had experience as a flight attendant before, you can include jobs that involved similar responsibilities, especially ones related to customer service.

flight attendant careers

Keeping your resume short and simple can help you start your flight attendant career

Another important thing to keep in mind is that, above all, your resume should be professional. Be sure to provide an email address that has your name in it, not a nickname or screen name like ‘boy_george0420’ or ‘hellokitty33’. When writing about your responsibilities, use short sentences to highlight your personal skills and accomplishments, especially the ones that you’d rely on in flight attendant careers, and make sure to proofread everything for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Highlight the Qualifications You Earned in Your Flight Attendant Training

Airlines want to make sure they’re hiring flight attendants who will work hard to keep passengers safe and happy during their travels. In order to show them that you’re the right person for the job, you should include the important lessons you learned in flight attendant school.

flight attendant training

Students at Eton College complete safety training

From safety and emergency procedures to customer service and aviation first aid, flight attendant training helps to prepare you for the real challenges and solutions of working on a plane. Students even get to participate in a mock flight to practise their skills in a hands-on environment! This can be an invaluable addition to your resume because it shows employers that you have demonstrated experience with the types of responsibilities you’d be expected to handle during your work.

Mention Personal Attributes that May Be Useful as a Flight Attendant

While a candidate may ace their flight attendant training and check every box an employer is looking for, it also takes a personal touch to be a good flight attendant. Skills such as knowing a second language can come in handy, especially if you need to communicate with passengers who may not speak English.

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Speaking a second language can help flight attendants communicate with passengers

Flight attendants are also part of the tourism industry, so a positive, polite attitude can be to your advantage. While you may not be able to list that on your resume itself, try to include incidents where you needed to use that particular skill, such as during flight attendant school or in a past job. This way, your resume will help to demonstrate why you would be an excellent candidate for the job, and why an employer should seriously consider your application.

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