Signs that You Should be a Flight Attendant

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Why quit your job to travel when you can make travel your job? A lot of people think that the only way to have fun as an adult is to suffer through a mediocre job to pay for it. There are a lot of jobs out there that can pay for your lifestyle, but you’re not always going to like it. As a flight attendant, you can soar through the skies and get paid to do so! 

Not sure if it’s the right fit for you? Check out this list to see if you’ll make the cut!


  • You love to travel

Obviously, the best part of being a flight attendant is the chance to see the world! If you’re comfortable spending your days in a different country, then you’ll have no problem adapting to this job. What’s great is that you get breaks in between, so you can enjoy a bit of the places you’ve landed on. Play your cards right then you can end up working for airlines that can take you to LA, Paris, or even Tokyo!


  • You want every day to feel different

It may seem like they just do the same thing all the time when on the plane, but that’s just not true! Different layovers and destinations make this job seem almost like an adventure!



  • You like staying in hotels

Do you want to sleep in luxury every time you travel? Flight attendants all get their own rooms in hotels where they’re staying. The best part? It’s all paid for by your company! On top of that, you can get benefits and discounts for hotels as part of your benefits.


  • You love meeting new people

Every day, you see a different set of people. It means meeting someone new on every trip! Meet someone rude or annoying? Well, it’s a good thing you won’t be seeing them any time soon.


  • You like serving and helping others

A big part of being a flight attendant is having an attitude of excellence. Being attentive and considerate of people’s needs is part of the job! On top of that, you’re given the training that can literally save someone’s life when it comes to it!



  • You want flexible work hours

Don’t worry about ending up in the same route every day because flight attendants can actually pick their schedules! How their routes are decided is actually done through a bidding process that lets you choose where and how long your trip would be. Of course, there are cases where you’re on call or you won’t get the route you want. Once you get seniority though, you’ll be getting the destinations you want, no problem!


  • You hate being forced to work overtime

Being a flight attendant means following very strict and long hours. At the end of the day though, all you need to do is relax! There’s definitely no work that needs to be done at home. If you do end up working longer (due to delays or whatnot), you would be paid and compensate accordingly!


  • You’re a hard worker

Now, we have to be honest here. This job might sound like every traveler’s dream job, but that just means it’s highly competitive, too. Training could take weeks, and a lot of people get cut out before stepping foot on the plane. Airlines also look for a lot of skills and qualifications. On top of that, you have to be willing to work a lot of flights to get to seniority.


Luckily, you can better your chances if you choose the right schools. Eton College’s Flight Attendant Program can give you the skills needed to gain a competitive advantage!