Struggles of an International Student in Canada

struggle international students

Every year, the number of students looking to study abroad increases. Many set their eyes on countries like Canada, who is known for their quality university and tolerant attitudes to foreigners. Though studying abroad might have its advantages, there are still a number of challenges international students face once they actually reach the country of their choice.


  • Socializing


One of the biggest problems that international students face in Canada (or anywhere really) is the cultural difference. While Canada is known to be one of the most diverse countries in the world according to the Global Diversity Index, being thrown into a foreign country is still overwhelming for them. International students have their own culture and background. It’s a challenge to be in a society that doesn’t necessarily understand or follow the same practices.

This can lead to students feeling alienated or foreign in campus. What happens a lot of times is that international students tend to stick those similar to them. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s best that they learn to socialize with those outside of their circle. A great way to address this is by creating more community events where they can participate and be around other students.




  • Financing


Aside from culture, these students can come from vastly different economies. On top of tuition and other campus expenses, they often struggle with payments for their accommodation and food. There are financial aid options available in Canada but admittedly, they have limited resources for international students. Most  of them end up having to work part-time jobs to have steady finances. It’s important for students of all kinds to learn to budget their money at this point in their lives.


  • Language Proficiency


While there are many international studies that were taught proper English, some of them have a hard time speaking it in a regular setting. Sland, accents, and even pop culture references can be quite difficult to grasp at first. Another problem some of them face is actually passing proficiency exams. Many universities and programs a certain grade be met. Thankfully at Eton College, even if you fail to meet their English proficiency requirements, they offer to train your communications skills in a program designed for that. After you’ve passed, you can start applying again to the degree of your choice. 




  • Residence


Surveys found that 60% of international students are actually working towards permanent residence in Canada. One of the biggest struggles that a lot of them are actually finding ways to bring their families here with them. Handling permits as well as finding ways to finance their stay is an issue for the older students as they would much prefer to stay in the country for work. 


  • Getting a Job After Studies


Related to the previous one, employment after graduating is also difficult for them. Residency would be granted a lot easier if they are skilled workers. One thing that can help students is to actually consider a career in an in-demand industry. For example, tourism is an industry that is rapidly growing and is in constant need of skilled graduates. It would let them get a job that is both well-paid and would match their education. 

These challenges shouldn’t discourage students from studying abroad though! Universities and colleges today are working to make themselves more accommodating for international students. If you’re looking for a college that can improve your chances of residence, Eton College offers an extensive Flight Attendant Program that would provide international students with exceptional skills that companies want. Finding work would be much easier and thus, making residency easier, too.